Saturday, January 8, 2011

Boxing Day Test - Day 3

“Would you like to deflate that thing, sir?”

‘Would you like to deflate that thing, sir?’

I went to cricket with my son, Mark on Tuesday. First time I’ve been for a good decade.
I had no real passion for it, but Mark suggested and I went.
On Christmas day, he’d said: ‘It’s a chance to sit together quietly and talk about shit.’ And thus we did.
I loved it. I suspect that Mark wanted to relive some of our past trips to the G for Boxing Day Test.

At some stage during the day, someone in the Barmy Army blew up a condom like a balloon and it floated up and landed in front of a couple of empty seats in our row.

Before I knew it this young female cop reached over and tried to hand me a biro: ‘Would you like to deflate that thing, sir?’
’Err, not really.’
So she pushed past with the biro poised and did it herself.
… and she didn’t even wait until the end of the over.

‘Very strange, hey mate. Why would that affront her?’
’Dunno, Dad. Bloody weird… I wonder why you didn’t suggest that she tazer it.’
One of those ‘I should have said…’ moments.

Mark and I have agreed to just sit and watch again soon.
Maybe beside a river next time.

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